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Web design agency

We offer high quality web design.

We develop your brand image with high recognition value.

A distinctive design is essential for survival

In a highly competitive market, you need a distinctive appearance to a decisive stand out from your competitors. We design in close cooperation with you striking and memorable elements. A consistent Corporate Identity is important because it covers everything that has to do with the appearance of your company. Starting with the logo, it includes your corporate colors, your special fonts and of course the manner of how the company presents itself to the public. Keyword: Image Maintenance. A sophisticated corporate design ensures optimum technical design and color coordination of your printing supplies like stationery, business cards, brochures and flyers, your promotional materials such as signs and labels, as well as your ads and campaigns, and not least of your website.

Redesign and facelift

We also offer a redesign of existing websites. When redesign is done, we review the design, and possibly by the text content. The aim is to improve the acceptance of the pages to the user and increase long-term success of your website.

Criteria for good web design

  • Ease of use (usability)
  • Ergonomics (user guide)
  • 'Form follows function' is also valid on the Internet.
  • Graphic design (color scheme, typography, layout, arrangement of elements) design is not an end in itself , Websites are used to obtain information primarily, and should be designed.
  • Compatibility (across all types of devices and browsers across to the content by the user always remain perfectly readable and interpretable)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Responsives Webdesign from Stuttgart


Our methods

  • Bootstrap - A framework with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the modular development of websites.
  • jQuery, jQuery UI, widgets

At the end, the goal is to achieve the best possible usability (ease of use). Every website always aimed at a specific audience. For business sites thus decides not only the personal taste of the client, but also the practical value of the project. The structure and the message of the site should always be clear. Simplicity is the motto: Less is more!

Good web design requires diverse skills and knowledge from various fields. Only when all aspects are linked in a competent manner, we accomplish the goal "successful web design".


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